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RYASAP: Transforming Lives with Vision & Dedication, by David Boegaard

MYOSummerFounded in 1985, the Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership (“RYASAP”) has grown from humble beginnings into a potent organization working to help teens and adults negotiate difficult situations with success.

The organization flourishes by bringing the community together at all levels, from organizing and advocacy to specific programs, in order to address the problems that confront them.

Located in the historic Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT, RYASAP first started as a branch of the United Way dedicated to the prevention and treatment of teen substance abuse. Over the years, RYASAP became an independent organization that has teamed up with a wide variety of prominent national and regional organizations to expand their mission. Today, RYASAP focuses on seven centers of excellence intended to promote safe and healthy development from childhood into adulthood.

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