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Safe Asleep

In partnership with the Bridgeport Fire Department, and Bridgeport Public Schools, RYASAP’s Safe Asleep is a comprehensive smoke alarm education campaign working to decrease the instances of fires, injuries and damages associated with a lack of smoke alarms.

To date, the Safe Asleep Team has installed 40,000 smoke alarms in 10,480 homes in Bridgeport; served approximately 30,000 residents and fielded over 11,000 phone calls requesting smoke alarm installations.

Since 2009, Safe Asleep has provided fire and disaster training to over 45,000 K­8 students in the Bridgeport Public Schools.

The Safe Asleep program has implemented and conducted the Masters of Disaster® curriculum that is centered on a series of lesson plans that help us educate children about the importance of fire prevention and safety. The Masters of Disaster curriculum materials meet national educational standards and are specifically tailored for lower elementary (K–2), upper elementary (3–5) and middle school (6–8) classes.

Safe Asleep has started the FEMA STEP (Student Tools for Emergency Planning) program for the 5th graders. This program aims at preparing families for multiple hazards by educating and energizing students in school who go home and act as leaders in implementing key preparedness strategies with their families. Although there are many successful, comprehensive safety curricula in the country, STEP is different because it was designed based on the challenges and obstacles facing schools.

• STEP provides potentially lifesaving skills to students and families
• STEP is offered at zero cost to schools
• STEP requires only 1 hour of instructional time during the school year

In most cases, STEP provides all students with “starter” kits: yellow backpacks with basic emergency supply items. Safe Asleep has received 1,200 STEP starter kits from FEMA.

2,019 Youth have been trained in the Master of Disaster Fire Safety Program (pre-K, 2nd & 4th)

116 School Teachers have been trained in the Master of Disaster Fire Safety Program

100 Students have participated in the STEP (Student Tools for Emergency Planning) Program

Since 2005, 140 home fires have been documented of residents being alerted and
being able to get out safely due to RYASAP’s Safe Asleep and educational program.

Since 2005, Bridgeport has had a 37% reduction in structure fires with the evidence indicating that Safe Asleep is a direct factor of these huge numbers.


What's Up? Safe Asleep News & Updates

SafeAsleep Places 2nd in Toyota Prius MPG Challenge

Safe Asleep - Toyota PriusLast summer, RYASAP came in 2nd place in the Toyota Prius MPG Challenge, a series of fun MPG challenges for charity.

SafeAsleep Installs 40,000th Smoke Detector

Safe AsleepRecently, Safe Asleep proudly installed its 40,000th smoke detector with the help of Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch.  Since the program began, 142 lives have been saved between 2005 and 2012 because there was a working smoke alarm in the home. There has been a 37.5 percent drop in structure fires in Bridgeport since 2005.