100-plus people packed Norwalk City Hall to demand an end to gun violence in CT
U.S. Rep Jim Himes, D-4 speaking

A panel consisting of local gun control advocates, a Quinnipiac University professor, domestic violence survivor advocates, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling and U.S. Rep Jim Himes, D-4, had gathered to publicly discuss the passage of the federal bipartisan gun legislation.

StreetSafe Bridgeport’s Ebony Epps was in attendance, urging officials to make their presence known, work to end gun violence, and remain active, “not just when violence happens, not just when an election happens.”

Funding needs to be invested in programs to keep young adults busy and employed to deter misbehavior. “They need resources and jobs. If they’re busy, they’re not on the streets. Put them to work in their communities so they don’t have to feel unsafe going on this side of town. We need to put more resources into education and jobs.”

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