Building on what’s working against Bridgeport violence

Gun violence seems to be up across the nation and Connecticut; why not in Bridgeport?

Using “Credible Messengers,” StreetSafe Bridgeport directly seeks out youth who are at the highest risk of becoming a shooter or a victim. Credible messengers utilize restorative practices to transform the lives of gang-involved youth. Led by Bridgeport-born and raised Ebony Epps and Aquil Crooks, himself a credible messenger, our outreach workers are from the community and their own personal histories help them change lives by drawing from their own experiences to get the youth in school and career-training and help develop other positive social relationships. We meet youth where they are to get and keep them on the right path.

Executive Director, Marc Donald, shares how RYASAP is making an impact on gun violence in Bridgeport. Read the full article here.