NextGen STEM:

Charting Pathways to Success

Ignite your passion, broaden your horizons, and pave your path to success. Our NextGen STEM speaker series features diverse speakers from various backgrounds and industries, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the multitude of opportunities available within STEM fields.

STEM workers earn more. The median annual wage for all STEM occupations is $97,980 compared with $44,670 for non-STEM jobs.

Source: CodeWizard HQ

Our Incredible Speakers:

Date: April 30th
Dr. Michael Troknya
Physical Synergy
Date: May 7th
Scott Burns & Team
Park City Compost
Date: May 14th
Kashia Diaz
KD Gastronomy Consulting LLC
Date: May 21st
Jose Tamayo
J.E.T. Corp
Date: May 28th
Joe Cugine
Ace Tire & Performance

What you can expect

  • Attendees, ages 15-20, can earn a stipend per session with the ability to attend all sessions to earn a larger amount
  • Each session will consist of a speaker providing a unique perspective on a STEM career
  • Refreshments will be provided

Event Details

Location: The Burroughs Community Center 2470 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport CT 06605
Dates: April 30th – May 28th
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:45pm

A Little More On Our Speakers

Dr. Michael Troknya

Dr. Mike, a Fairfield University and Cleveland Chiropractic College-Kansas City Campus alumnus, founded Physical Synergy in 2003, aiming for a fresh chiropractic approach. Departing from traditional methods, he emphasizes personalized nutrition, targeted exercises, chiropractic biophysics, and integrated neuromuscular re-education. This unique approach fosters optimal health, reducing disease risks, garnering a referral-based clientele. Supported by a dedicated staff, patient well-being remains paramount.

The Park City Compost Initiative began as a local composting project in Bridgeport, CT, aimed at reducing food waste pollution near the Wheelabrator Incinerator. Initially at Burroughs Community Center and later at Captain’s Cove Seaport, it has diverted over 40 tons of food waste and produced 25 yards of compost. Recognizing its potential impact, plans have been made to expand with support from various organizations. In 2024, the initiative aims to grow its pilot operation, enhance educational programs, and secure a larger site for increased impact.

Kashia Diaz

Kashia Diaz, an experienced Founder, brings expertise in recreational facilities and services. A graduate of the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners, she excels in Nonprofits, Catering, Food & Beverage, Coaching, and Cooking. For over 14 years, Kashia has been pivotal at UCONN-4H, teaching cooking classes and conducting educational sessions. Recently, she trained Manchester School District staff in knife skills and kitchen safety.

Beyond work, Kashia supports food pantries with healthy meals, aiming to minimize waste and aid the needy. Committed to culinary education and community welfare, she eagerly awaits opportunities to make a positive impact.

Jose Tamayo

The current owner of J.E.T. Corporation, Jose Tamayo, is entrusted with upholding the legacy established by his father, Jose Eduardo Tamayo. At J.E.T. Corporation, Jose’s mission is clear: to foster a work environment that empowers employees, to cultivate strategic partnerships with suppliers, and to consistently deliver exceptional quality and service to customers.

Jose is dedicated to steering the company with integrity and commitment. J.E.T. Corporation remains resolute in its pursuit of excellence, guided by the enduring legacy of its founder, Jose Eduardo Tamayo.

Joe Cugine

Joseph Cugine started his career in the tire and automotive industry over two years ago after a successful 10+ years in beverage sales. Joe’s passion for American made and luxury sports cars lead him to purchase Ace Tire & Performance with his business partner, Thomas Falconieri in the Spring of 2022. Currently, Joe works as the Owner | Operator and manages day to day operations at Ace Tire & Performance, oversees all employees and works daily with customers to provide superior service. 

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