RYASAP Celebrates 25th Graduating Class of Parent Leadership Training Institute

June 7, 2023

Elizabeth Gorenbergh

Bridgeport, CT – Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership (RYASAP) is hosting an anniversary celebration this month in honor of the 25th graduating class of its Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI). 

The event, which includes the class of 2023’s graduation ceremony, will take place at Housatonic Community College on June 20 at 6pm. It’s free and open to the public. Several speakers are scheduled to attend, including Dwayne Smith, the CEO of the community college.

PLTI is a 22-week initiative run by RYASAP that trains parents to become advocates and change agents for the next generation. The curriculum focuses on strengthening advocacy and leadership skills, while also expanding knowledge on the life cycle of a child, how local government works, social and economic trends, and much more. The program also requires a community project.

“The parent leaders that complete PLTI do really amazing work — for themselves and for the community,” said Sandra Carmichael, Community Training Coordinator at RYASAP. “And since this year marks the 25th year of the program, we want to do something really special to celebrate that.”

While PLTI is now a national program, it started in Connecticut. Bridgeport’s first PLTI class graduated in 1998, and some alumni from that first class will be attending and speaking at this month’s anniversary celebration.

“PLTI alumni are impacting lives everywhere,” said Carmichael. “From holding positions in office to leadership roles on boards — alumni have been impactful in so many different ways.”

The anniversary event will also be attended by local government officials and leaders from other agencies in Bridgeport. Community members are encouraged to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of the PLTI graduates and alumni.

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