Impact of COVID-19 on Bridgeport Youth Revealed in New Report

June 26, 2023

Elizabeth Gorenbergh

Bridgeport, CT – Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership (RYASAP), through its Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition (BCAC) program, has just released the latest installment of the State of the Child report.

The new report highlights the impact that the pandemic had on Bridgeport’s children and families from March to December 2020. Using a new digital and interactive format, RYASAP will further release the report in sections over the next several months.

The release focuses on the juvenile justice system in Connecticut.


“The State of the Child report shares compelling insight into how the justice system impacted the mental health and safety of our youth during the pandemic,” said Yadley Turnier, Research Analyst at RYASAP. “Through this report, we are seeking to initiate an important conversation and explore ways to guarantee evidence-based and ethically sound rehabilitation for young individuals involved in the justice system, despite the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic”

The comprehensive report will share data and vetted anecdotal evidence of the impact of the COVID-19 in six main sections: civic engagement, health, education, early childhood development, poverty and economic empowerment, and juvenile justice and safety.

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“Connecticut has been a leader in doing what works for youth and communities, but the pandemic has done deep harm to our kids,” said Marc Donald. “We can’t risk going backwards. This State of the Child report and its recommendations represent a step toward what our path could be going forward.”

The full updated version of the State of the Child report is available at: https://www.ryasap.org/SOTC

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About Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition

The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition (BCAC) is committed to improving the well-being of Bridgeport’s children and families through research, education, and advocacy.


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