Restorative Justice Through Juvenile Mediation in Connecticut

A Diversionary & Prevention Program for Youth

RYASAP’s Mediation Program provides services to Connecticut’s Juvenile Court System. We are the only agency that provides mediation within the juvenile justice system. The process allows youth involved in lower-level misdemeanors to take ownership of their actions, repair harm, and resolve conflict. Our goal is to prevent further involvement in the juvenile justice system. The program, along with our Youth Diversion Team, has revolutionized the way we provide support to at-risk youth.

Where We Serve

The mediation program provides services to Courts, Juvenile Review Boards (JRBs), and Schools in Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford, Torrington, and Waterbury. The program gives young people opportunities to resolve conflicts, restore relationships, and address the needs of those involved. Through mediation; offenders, victims, and families are brought together to hear from one another how events affected them, giving the opportunity for input from all regarding how to resolve the issues at hand and move forward. Research shows both juveniles and adults who participate in mediation are significantly less likely to re-offend, and victims are more satisfied than those with no opportunity to participate in such a process. For over ten years, program results consistently show over 90% of agreements reached in mediation hold, and youth who participate, avoid re-offending, preventing further involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Referral Sources for Mediation

Program referrals are accepted from Probation Officers, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders; Juvenile Review Board Case Managers and School Administrators, including guidance counselors and social workers. RYASAP is also available to provide training and mentorship to schools and youth-serving organizations that desire to develop and integrate mediation as a way to handle conflict among the young people they serve.


Lisa McKenna
Program Director